INCREASE is the place to have access to a qualified scientific expertise, to drive public research projects to industrial targets, the opportunity to try small scale research before expensive trials, to have access to large equipment and to be connected with other stakeholders involved in the field of sustainable chemistry.

INCREASE is funded by the CNRS, the Universities involved in INCREASE and the Région Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes-Limousin. It gathers more than 100 researchers, including PhD and postdocs. INCREASE also mutualizes research facilities of public members such as analytical and characterization platforms, reactors and micro-pilots allowing a fast and efficient development of research projects.

INCREASE is a bottom-up public/private initiative where transfer from fundamental to applied research is facilitated owing to a simplify process. Particularly, there is no intermediate between public laboratories and industrial companies, upstream research projects are jointly defined to facilitate industrial transfer and implementation of the intellectual property right is clearly defined as soon as the beginnings of each project in a win-win deal.

All decisions are collegially taken by a Strategic Committee where each public and industrial member is represented.
All members have fully access to all generated data and can regularly check the timing of each project as well as, whenever it is needed, to propose suitable adjustments to reach the main goals and to give the relay in an optimal fashion between public and private members.

Industrial members have also the possibility to contract individually with public members with flexible IP.