The International Consortium on Eco-conception and renewable resources (INCREASE)

A public/private research network hosted by the CNRS (FR CNRS 3707) where academic and industrial partners work together to tackle scientific hurdles and to jointly create an intellectual property roadmap. This public/private partnership should accelerate the commercialization of sustainable and safe chemicals to satisfy the need of our Society to limit its impact on the Planet.

The gathering of public laboratories with cross-disciplinary expertise located in the western part of France, R&D centers and industrial companies involved in the field of green chemistry is also a great opportunity for members of INCREASE to gain visibility on the international scene. In this context, INCREASE has recently become a member of the Global Network of Green Chemistry Centres and is now well positioned to develop collaborative and innovative researches in the context of an international competitiveness and growth.


Projects developed within the framework of INCREASE involve about 100 personnel including researchers, engineers, technicians, PhD and postdocs. 
The scientific strategy of INCREASE covers the development of cutting-edge technologies (non-thermal atmospheric plasma, milling, ultrasound, electrochemistry, microwaves, photochemistry, etc.) for production of organic-building blocks from non-edible resources.


  1. reduction in the energy consumption (activation at low temperature),
  2. zero waste (high selectivity, recycling),
  3. convenient downstream processing (concentrated feed, reduction in liquid effluents, continuous process),
  4. water efficiency,
  5. secure processes,
  6. ecological footprint,
  7. industrial feasibility.

Beside research, transfer and networking, INCREASE aims also at promoting education by: 

  1. organizing major international event in the field of green chemistry
  2. creating a talent pool of students better armed to work on the current and future challenges facing by our Society.
  3. proposing conferences and debates to a general public to show the impact of Science on our Society in a context of mundialization.

The keywords associated to INCREASE are: